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Welcome to the 4th Annual Spelling Bee for Cheaters!!!

Join us October 5th, 2017 at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in downtown St. Paul! It's team-based spelling and all proceeds benefit Family Tree Clinic. The more money your team raises, the more cheats you can "buy" at the event. Cheats include letter hints or an entire word.


Q: How does it work, again?
A: Be a team leader (we call 'em Queen Bees) or join a team. Use this handy dandy fundraising site to raise all the monies in the world with ease. Show up at the Amsterdam October 5 and get ready to spell or cheat or do a little bit of both. Let's be real, a little bit of both will be happening.

Q: I want to lead a team! What do I do?
A: Register here. Find 3 to 5 awesome people to join your hive. Encourage your bees to use social media, emails, phone calls, and conversations to ask for donations. Every team is asked to raise $900 (last year the average team total was $1,300), and I promise I'll give you all the tools you need to buzz way beyond that!

Q: I want to join, but I don't have a hive. What do I do?
A: Register as an individual and send Wen an email. They will find you a team.

Q: Can I fundraise offline, like by collecting cash and checks?
A: You bet. I can enter offline donations on your fundraising page, simply drop Wen an email — just make sure to bring all cash and checks to the event. Here's a handy dandy pledge form to keep things in order. Checks should be made out to Family Tree Clinic.

Q: How do I win?
A: Well, you can scam, swindle or even spell your way to the top.

Q: Do you have any tips on raising money?
A: Sure do. Check out these SAMPLE EMAILS, SAMPLE SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS, and ORGANIZATIONAL STATISTICS, WHAT DONATION AMOUNTS COVER (i.e. $10 covers the cost of one rapid HIV test). If you're collecting cash and checks, don't forget to download this handy pledge form.

Q: But really, how can swindle my way to the top?
A: Fancy you should ask. We'll be selling Stingers at the event — basically an opportunity for you to screw another team. It'll be a night of controlled chaos.

Q: I'm not on a team. Can I come and just watch?
A: Absolutely. The more, the merrier. In fact, people who are there to support teams can participate by purchasing Stingers at the event. It's a great way to help your favorite bees reach the top!

Still have questions? Drop Wen Brovold, Director of Advancement, a line at And we'll see you October 5th!

We like to reward people for being generally awesome. As we get closer to the event, we'll include a list of dates, challenges and prizes to help boost the fundraising juices! THERE WILL BE MATCHING DONATION DAYS WHERE DONORS GET THEIR DONATIONS MATCHED AND YOU GET YOUR CHEAT CASH MATCHED! Get your game plan together, baby.

Calendar of Incentives!
9/15/17 Drawing for those with at least one donation Red Stag gift certificate Molly with the Pollinators
9/19/17 Drawing for those who brought in at least 5 donations Round of drinks and 3 stingers Stacey with the Taco Cats
9/28/17 Donations matched, as well as
cheat cash doubled!
cheat cash
9/28/17 Team with the highest number of donations $500 bonus
cheat cash
Femme Supremacy
9/29/17 Speller with the highest number of donations Choice of beer or cookies for a year ???
10/4/17 Donations matched, as well as
cheat cash doubled!
Double cheat cash everyone!
10/4/17 Donations matched, as well as
cheat cash doubled!
Double cheat cash everyone!
10/5/17 EVENT DAY!!!

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